- Activities -

Icona Diritto Assicurativo - Bancario - Mercati Finanziari

- Insurance Law, Banking Law and Financial Market Law -

D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale has an extensive expertise in providing legal assistance and consulting to insurance companies, financial institutions, leasing companies, SIMs and Italian and international trust companies.

In the insurance sector, the D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale provides legal assistance and legal advisory services with particular reference to the drafting and revision of policy contracts, contracts for the establishment of companies and businesses operating in the insurance, re-insurance or intermediation industry, legal assistance in the management of claims, management of relationships with the supervisory authorities, analysis of the regulatory framework, compliance, authorization procedures and management of relationships with brokers, agents and other intermediaries (above all banks and finance companies).

D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale represents also insurance companies, banks and finance companies in the entire Italian territory in the context of judicial controversies or arbitrations arising from insurance/banking or financial contracts, also with reference to subrogation and recovery proceedings.

Icona Contenzioso

- Litigation -

D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale has consolidated competence and expertise in the provision of legal assistance and representation in proceedings in the entire Italian territory. In fact, over the years the Law Firm has developed an effective collaboration network with lawyers (specialist lawyers with an expertise in the same areas of competence) upon which the Law Firm relies when it needs to represent its clients before the Italian courts of any level at pre-established fees.

The legal advisory services provided relate to insurance law matters (life and damages), banking law, financial market law, commercial law, intellectual property law, competition law and distribution law. This activity ranges from out-of-court negotiation and mediation/settlement (if applicable), to the judicial phase and, if necessary, the execution of orders.

The activities regarding legal assistance and representation in proceedings carried out by the D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale span from urgent proceedings, pre-trial actions and, obviously, ordinary proceedings, and include all three levels of judgment.

Icona Compliance e Responsabilita degli Enti

- Compliance Law and Corporate Liability Law -

D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale provides legal assistance and consulting to SMEs/small and medium enterprises and companies belonging to multinational groups for the drafting, updating and maintenance of the organizational, management and control models pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 and the corresponding procedures and company policies.

In particular, the Law Firm provides legal assistance and consulting both in the risk assessment phase (i.e. the verification of the internal preventive control system and the related protocols) and, also, in the subsequent phase regarding the drafting and approval of the documents making up the organizational model code of ethics, governance, system of delegation of powers.

D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale also offers training and provides assistance to supervisory boards.

Icona Diritto Nuove Tecnologie e Privacy

- New Technology and Privacy Law -

D’Argenio Polizzi e Associati Studio Legale offers legal consulting in the matter of new technology with specific reference to legal relationships. Legal advisory services are also provided in the matter of privacy law, both with regard to the drafting of documents and in the form of opinions relating to specific situations that a company may face.


- Assistance in specialised arbitration disputes (ABF and ACF) -

The law firm gives assistance to several Intermediaries in specialised arbitration disputes (ABF and ACF also in the view of the forthcoming application of the Insurance Ombudsman).

This activity includes, depending on the situation, assistance to the Intermediary’s legal office in writing the defense (answers and observations) of particularly complex cases, writing the defense autonomously or, if necessary, taking in charge the entire outsourced defense service process and communications with the Arbitration Authority (for all the received claims or for specific stocks).

In this sense, the law firm can rely on a harmonious team, split into smaller groups of two professionals each, that, being extremely specialised, can successfully manage every area interested by this kind of disputes and by this particular type of procedure.


- Non-judical assistance and legal advice -

The Law Firm gives support to intermediaries and insurance undertakings about regulatory aspects and governance of insurance companies.

The assistance includes reviewing insurance products; writing and reviewing distribution contracts and agreements; examining and writing policies and the internal control system; assessing the compliance of the regulated subjects to the relevant rules and provisions, managing claims and relationships with Supervisory Authorities on behalf of insurance undertakings, including inspection and sanctions proceeding on supervised entities, writing the defense and challenging the Authority’s orders.

Moreover, the law firm gives assistance to cross-border-operating companies, concerning in particular their functioning in the framework of the European Economic Area.

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